Pre Wedding Relationship

8 Things to Consider while Choosing your Life Partner

It’s not always about the looks but how beautiful the heart is, so don’t rush into marriage and be deceived by outward appearance. Like a wise person know your partner’s inner beauty and true worth by determining the 8 things that you must look for in a potential life partner. 1. His…

10 Questions a Girl should ask her Future Husband before saying Yes to Arrange Marriage

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and it’s written in the stars that the one with whom your future lies with, will become your life partner. But if you are a doing arrange marriage then don’t say yes without having a better understanding of the person with whom you’ll…

10 Questions a Guy should ask his Future Wife before doing Arrange Marriage

In arrange marriage you don’t get much time to know your partner which becomes difficult to break the ice. But if you wish to know more about the girl, in whom your family sees the potential of becoming your lovely wife then ask these simple questions to get a better understanding of…

Questions that Guys shouldn’t ask their Future Wife in Arrange Marriage

In arrange marriage every guy wants to know her future wife well which means you need to prepare yourself for the first meeting and only ask those questions that are relevant. But if you have the following questions in your mind, then be aware as you might return home facing a rejection…

Questions Girls should Avoid asking their Future Husband in Arrange Marriage

Girls keep their lips sewed when it comes to Arrange Marriage as they become nervous about how they will talk to the guy and ask the questions that she has held in her heart. So if you are going through the same bewilderment then you need not worry as we are here…

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