Exclusive Kumaoni Wedding Song List for Your Big Day

When it comes to entertaining our guests, we tend to play the same old tracks that we’ve been listening to for ages. Although they strike the cord of our heart and we love to dance on them, but don’t you think it’s too mundane? How about adding some peppy Kumaoni wedding songs on your playlist so the Pahadi nauna and naunis can tip-tap their toes on the mellifluous music and the elders can show their epic moves. Just listen to these exclusive Kumaoni wedding songs and entertain your guests by playing them on your Big Day.

1. Hit Dagadi Kamla

2. Tak-Taka-Tak Kamla

3. Nainital ki Madhuli

4. Kaan Mein Double Jhumka

5. Hey Deepa

6. Chaita Ki Chaitwal

7. Basanti Chori

8. Madhuli

9. Madhuli

10. Heera Samdhani

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