Garhwali Music Playlist to Set the Dance Floor on Fire

Uttarakhand being a hill state has embraced the Pahari songs and has made them a part of their culture. There are many Garhwali songs which steal our heart with their mellifluous rhythm that take us on a musical journey. If you want to add some fun and drama to your “Big Fat Pahari Wedding” and make all the shy Pahari relatives tip-tap their toes on the dance floor, then just play these lively Garhwali songs and see how they groove in Pahadi style.

1. Bedu Pako Bara Masa

2. Pushpa Chori Pauri Khale Ki

3. Babli Tero Mobile

4. Maya Band

5. Surma Sarela

6. Leela Ghasyari

7. Sun Ja Bat Meri Ha

8. Gaajna

9. Rock and Roll Baba Rock and Roll

10. Dhaunda Padige Bhainsi

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