Garhwali Music Playlist to Set the Dance Floor on Fire

Uttarakhand being a hill state has embraced the Pahari songs and has made them a part of their culture. There are many Garhwali songs which steal our heart with their mellifluous rhythm that take us on a musical journey. If you want to add some fun and drama to your “Big Fat Pahari Wedding” and make all the shy Pahari relatives tip-tap their toes on the dance floor, then just play these lively Garhwali songs and see how they groove in Pahadi style. Whenever there will be a discussion about Garhwal and Garhwali songs the first name would inevitably be “Narendra Singh Negi Ji”. He had not only put Garhwali culture in the song but life of pahadi people. These songs has its root in the lap of nature and the hilly terrain of the region. There are so many iconic Garhwali songs has been polular all over the country as well as the world that makes everyone dance from the heart. “Surma Sarela and Chaita Ki Chaitwali” are such songs which are played in every festival. Garhwali songs have gained so much popularity over the years that they have become an integral part of the DJ Music played during festival, weddings and other functions to “Hit on the Dance Floor”.

1. Bedu Pako Bara Masa

2. Pushpa Chori Pauri Khale Ki

3. Babli Tero Mobile

4. Maya Band

5. Surma Sarela

6. Leela Ghasyari

7. Sun Ja Bat Meri Ha

8. Gaajna

9. Rock and Roll Baba Rock and Roll

10. Dhaunda Padige Bhainsi

11. Sapna Syali

12. Fwa Bagha Re

13. Chaita Ki Chaitwali

14. Kajal Kajal

15. Chhal Kapat

16. Kain Bharmai

17. Patwari

18. Meri Bamani

19. Shambhu Bhole

20. Ab Laglu Mandaan

21. Ghumai De

22. Dhol Damau Baji Gena

23. Dhan Singh Ki Gaadi

24. Sobanu

25. Fyonladiya

26. Nachi Gena Mera Bhole Baba

27. Jhumki

28. Meri Chodhadi Saj Daj ke

29. Lounda Chandra

30. Labra Chhori

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