Questions that Guys shouldn’t ask their Future Wife in Arrange Marriage

In arrange marriage every guy wants to know her future wife well which means you need to prepare yourself for the first meeting and only ask those questions that are relevant. But if you have the following questions in your mind, then be aware as you might return home facing a rejection and there are chances that your face might turn black and blue with her sucker punch.

Did you had a boyfriend?

Never ask a girl about her past relationship because you’ll get nothing out of it. Live in the present and focus on your future rather than digging up the things of the past and playing the role of a detective.


Do you have male friends?

This is one of the most irritating and stupid questions to ask any girl as there is nothing wrong with having male friends. Before knocking her door just get this cliche out of your head that girls and boys can’t be friends.


How many guys have rejected you for marriage?

Asking about how many rejections has she faced in marriage is not only repulsive but it will also shatter her faith in marriage. So don’t ever commit the mistake and rip her confidence by asking such dull-witted question as you never know how deeply it may affect her.


Do you believe in getting intimate before marriage?

If you can’t respect a girl then you shouldn’t marry one. Asking such horrendous question is beyond imagination and if you are taking marriage for granted, then you shouldn’t even think of it.


How much money do you make?

In the 21st century, most women are working and are self-independent which is a good thing indeed. You can ask her about her job profile, her company but asking how much money she makes is unacceptable.


Will you leave your job after marriage?

The women of today are independent and they don’t like to depend on others. Asking her that will she continue work after marriage is wrong on your part as it’s her choice whether she wants to become a home-maker or would like to earn her own bread and butter.


Will you continue wearing western clothes after marriage?

Wearing western or traditional clothes don’t make you less of a person as your clothes don’t determine your character. You shouldn’t force her to dress in a certain way as it is her personal choice.


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