Your eyes will pop out after knowing the positives of getting married in your own community

There are several advantages of marrying someone from your ethnic background as you don’t need to transform yourself and mug up things that you’ll have to follow religiously after getting married. Also, you don’t need to put that extra effort, all you need to do is adorn that glamorous bridal avatar and dazzle the eyes of your groom by the spark of the Tehri Nath or the embellished Pichorra. If you still think there is nothing special about community marriages then just check out the following points which will tempt you to marry someone from your own community.

You can speak your mother tongue without hesitating:

One of the best things is that you can speak your mother tongue or your native language fluently with your partner. Nobody will raise their brows and tell you to translate it in Hindi or English which is damn annoying. Isn’t it?

Community marriage benifits

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You share the same food habits:

You can cook your favourite dishes and serve it with love to your family as they are also fond of the same delicacies that your mother used to cook at your home. You also get the opportunity of learning some of the scrumptious traditional cuisines from your mother-in-law.

Fondness for the regional songs and movies are the same:

You can watch your favourite regional movies together and shake a leg on the dewy regional songs without thinking twice.

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You are nurtured with the same Beliefs and Values:

As you, both belong to the same community it is likely that you may share the same traditional beliefs and garner faith on the same deities. This becomes a bonus point as you don’t have to explain every minute detail or the do’s and don’t s while attending a function, cultural programme or a religious ceremony.

The wedding rituals and ceremonies are at your fingertips:

While others are preparing themselves for all the rituals and ceremonies to be performed in the wedding. All you need to do is lay back on your bean bag, put a face pack and relax as you have seen the same traditions being followed in many of your relatives weddings.

Your parents and in-laws will become BFFs:

When you marry in the same community, your parents and in-laws get an opportunity to know someone having the same ethnicity as theirs. They bond well and become best friends who share their love for the luscious hills, the traditional food, songs and the memories they had of their villages. And when the two families are up for a luncheon it looks like a reunion of the old school friends.

You understand each other’s problems at a personal level:

You know how it is to grow up in a cultured family so you understand each other very well. If your dear one is having some problem, you lend an ear to it and put yourself in his shoes. Also, there are chances that at some point in time your family must have faced the same kind of situation so you can help him to overcome it.

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Your family will make your bond strong:

Couples faces many ups and downs in a relationship and whenever you will have one your family will give helpful advice to you and will stand like a pillar by you. In short, your parents will put their best efforts to make your relationship strong.

About 99% of the community marriages are successful:

Yes! it’s true, 99% community marriages are successful. Also, there are many positives of getting tied in a knot with a person from your community, if you haven’t seen any then have “Shadi ka laddu” and see it for yourself.

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