Indian Wedding Tips to Save Your Money and Time

Weddings are meant to be memorable for the to be wedded couple and their family and friends. But if you are someone having a laid back attitude, then it can turn out to be a disaster as there are several nitty-gritty things that are supposed to be done with a proper plan and schedule. To resolve this issue we are here to help you out by sharing some wedding tips that will help you to save your money as well as time, so you can entice your guests on your Big Day.

1. Send your invites on time:

When your wedding card has been printed just write the names of the guests and quickly send it as they also have to prepare themselves for your wedding. Sending the invitation card 15-20 days before your wedding will save you from the blunder of getting fewer invitation cards printed as you can order more and deliver them on time.

Wedding card designs

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2. Buy elegant clothes and jewellery that you can also wear after the wedding:

Being a bride doesn’t mean that every garment that you adorn should either be red, yellow, silver or golden. Break the stereotype and buy elegant clothes that you can use in the long fun.

Wedding Ideas

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3. Buy sober jewellery:

Indian weddings are incomplete without the spark of gold jewellery. Buy statement pieces that can be worn with both ethnic as well as western. Simple yet chic gold jewellery will help you to utilize your money as they can also be adorned after the wedding.

Wedding jewellery

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4. Buy comfortable shoes:

Good shoes can upgrade your style and make your personality outshine. So its mandatory to buy comfortable shoes as you will have to sit for hours while wearing it and ill fitted shoes will not only hurt your foot but will also give you a bad body posture. So try finding the perfect pair of shoes that will go well with your bridal dress and will keep your feet happy.

5. Prepare a playlist for all the functions:

From Mahila Sangeet to Cock Tail we just love to dance on the tunes of the wedding songs. So prepare a playlist having the peepy old and new songs, so that each and every guest can get the opportunity of grooving on their favourite songs.

Songs for Indian Weddings

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6. Order food according to the number of guests:

While some parts of the world are battling with hunger and malnutrition, its heart wrenching to see food thrown in the dustbin. Food which is the vital source of our existence should be respected so calculate the number of guests and order food as per the requirement, it will not only save your money but also the food.

Indian wedding food

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7. Get your wedding ensemble stitched and altered on time:

One of the most crucial tasks is to choose the design of your perfect wedding ensemble which will dazzle the eyes of the groom. So visit a professional wedding designer or a boutique and tell them what you want in your wedding dress. After it is stitched, do a dress rehearsal to see whether it needs to be altered or not.

Indian wedding dresses for girls

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8. Organise the jewellery and dresses that are supposed to be worn on different occasions:

There are several pre-wedding functions and ceremonies that are held in Indian weddings. This means you have to change a lot of dresses and match your jewellery with it. To make this tedious task easy, you can organize all the dresses along with their matching jewellery and align them in your closet, this will definitely save your time.

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