Eye-catching Bridal Mehendi Designs for Your Wedding

If your wedding is around the corner and you are looking for unique henna designs that will suit your taste, then you can have an inspiration from these trending henna designs which you can adorn on your wedding.

Bridal Mehandi Designs

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These henna designs made in the hands of the bride add five stars to her bridal look and the scent of which stays for several days.

Mehendi Tattoos

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The married Indian ladies often teases the bride by saying that if your Mehendi will not achieve a deep scarlet colour then your mother-in-law will dominate you or the colour of your henna will decide how much your husband is going to love you. However, all these are just superstitions and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Bridal Henna Design

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Henna tattoos are made on the hands and legs of the bride, a day before the wedding during the Mehendi ceremony in which the ladies sing and dance to celebrate the event.

The bridal Mehendi is influenced by the Indian culture some of the popular designs include motifs, peacocks, climbers, flowers and the picture of the bride and groom.

Bridal Mehandi Ideas

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Many brides hide the name of their groom in their Mehendi design which the groom has to find and if he fails to find it, then he has to pay a gift to the bride.

Indian Henna Designs

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The beautiful henna designs on the hands of the bride appear as she if is adorning jewellery on her hands.


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