Tips for Offering Impeccable Services to the Guests on Your Wedding Day

During the chaos of the wedding, we take care of every nitty-gritty things but tend to overlook the things that should be kept on priority like offering impeccable services to the guests, so they may recall what a great wedding you hosted. If you are delighted by the idea, then dive in and scroll down the tips that will help you to offer impeccable services to your lovely guests.

Tip No 1- Serve Appetizers to the Guests

When the guests will reach the venue, serve delicious appetizers and exotic drinks to them.

Tip No 2- Cleanliness

Make sure all the utensils and crockery used in the wedding are hygienic.

Tip No 3-  Provide Fresh Drinking Water to the Guests

Check whether there is ample fresh drinking water available at the wedding for serving it to the guests.

Tip No 4-  Place Dustbins 

Don’t let anybody pile the used cups and plates. To stop the guests from littering, place dustbins at every corner.

Tip No 5- Check the Food Quality

Ensure the quality of food before it is served to the guests. Make sure everybody eats healthy and delicious food.

Tip No 6- Ample Parking Space

Having no parking space can become an issue, so before booking the venue make sure it has ample parking space for the guests to park their vehicles.

Tip No 7- Make separate counter for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian guests

Many people face problems during the wedding to find their favourite food as everybody’s food choice differ from the other person. To solve this problem, you can make separate counter or place sign boards for vegetarian and nonvegetarian food lovers.

Tip No 8- Serve an array of lip smacking food rather than the boring old menu

Don’t serve dishes that tastes similar, as guests will feel they are having the same old dish again. So break the monotony and offer an array of delectable cuisines to the guests, because offering four different variety of dishes is better than serving several dishes that tastes the same.

Tip No 9- Proper Seating Arrangement

There should be proper seating arrangement for the guests so they don’t have to wait for the other person to leave their seat.

Tip No 10- Hygienic Environment

The venue should be hygienic, table linen and chair covers should be neat and tidy then only your guests will be satisfied with the arrangement. Make sure there are no stains on the linens which can leave a bad impression on the guests.

 Tip No 11- Help the elderly to get food easily

The elderly people find it difficult to take food from the food counter. To solve this problem, you can place four caterers at every corner of the dining hall, so they can help the elderly people to get food. This will make sure that none of the guests left with an empty stomach.

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