Tips for Keeping Away the After Wedding Blues

For an Indian bride one of the toughest things is to leave her maternal home where she grew up and attained her youth. For others it might be a simple home which is confined to four walls but her eyes they see a totally different world in those four walls. She has seen some of the best and worst days of her life in her home because all the happy and sad memories of her’s is associated with that home. If you are a newly married bride going through the post wedding blues then just cheer up bridey! and wear a beautiful smile on your face because we are here to help. Quickly wipe your tears and check out the 10 best ways to keep away the after wedding blues.

Talk to your Hubby:

If you are feeling sad and going through mood swings one of the best advice would be to talk to your better half so that he can understand your pain. Your husband will surely help you out and make you smile with his cheerful talks.


To make your mood happy and feel better you need to calm your demons first. For this, you can meditate or do yoga which will help you to fight with those unguarded thoughts.

Hang out with your husband:

Love is the cure for everything and it will surely help you out. To refresh your mood you can do couple things together like hanging out somewhere, going to a movie or having a romantic date at a lavish hotel.

A long romantic walk may help you out:

Just ask your beloved husband to take you out for a walk. I can vouch that this tip will work like magic.

Carry out your hobby:

You can use your newly found skills for your own good. If you have a hobby or interest in doing certain things that give you pleasure such as cooking, reading, writing, gardening, sewing, singing then you can carry it out and just beat the after-wedding blues.

Clean the mess:

When we are sad it seems as if the time is still and the hands of the clock are not moving. For solving this problem you can gear up that ‘cleaning avatar’ and don’t let any rubbish or dirt get away from your eagle eyes. Collect all the old receipts and keep them in a safe place, throw the gift wrapping sheets, drape your wedding attires and keep it in your closet. Clean your precious jewellery and lock them up. Also, don’t forget to place your makeup essentials on your dressing table.

Have a chit-chat session with your new family members:

Interact with your in-laws and know more about your new family. You can engage them in playful activities like antakshari and ludo to lighten up the heavy moment.

A Video Call with your Parents will surely make you happy:

If the above things will fail to comfort you then this idea will hit right in the middle of your heart. All you need to do is pick up your phone and make a video call or telephonic conversation with your lovely family which will surely help you to get rid of the after wedding blues.

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