The meaning of Saat Pheras or the Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage

The Sath Pheras or the seven vows are known as Saptadi which is performed along with the Mangalpheras. These ritual pheras are considered to be pious and without taking these vows the marriage is incomplete. To know the hidden meaning and significance of each of the pheras stay tuned with us.

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First Step- Prayer for provision and nourishment

Groom, Step 1:

The first vow is taken by the groom in which he says, “O’ my beloved, our love has become firm by your walking one with me. Together we will share the responsibilities of the lodge, food and children. May the Creator bless noble children to share. May they live long.”

Bride, Step 1:

In the response of the first vow the bride says, “This is my commitment to you, my husband. Together we will share the responsibility of the home, food and children. I promise that I shall discharge all my share of the responsibilities for the welfare of the family and the children.”

Second Step- Strength

Groom, Step 2:

The second vow is taken by the groom and he says, “O’ my beloved, now you have walked with me the second step. May the Creator bless you. I will love you and you alone as my wife. I will fill your heart with strength and courage: this is my commitment and my pledge to you. May God protect the lodge and children.”

Bride, Step 2:

The bride promises to her husband, “My husband, at all times I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your happiness, I shall rejoice. May God bless you and our honourable lodge.”

Third Step- Prosperity

Groom, Step 3:

The groom then takes the third vow and says, “O my beloved, now since you have walked three steps with me, our wealth and prosperity will grow. May God bless us. May we educate our children and may they live long.”

Bride, Step 3:

The bride gently replies, “My husband, I love you with single-minded devotion as my husband. I will treat all other men as my brothers. My devotion to you is pure and you are my joy. This is my commitment and pledge to you.”

Fourth Step- Family

Groom, Step 4:

The fourth vow is taken by the groom which is, “O’ my beloved, it is a great blessing that you have now walked four steps with me. May the Creator bless you. You have brought favour and sacredness in my life.

Bride, Step 4:

The bride then makes the fourth vow and commits,“O my husband, in all acts of righteousness, in material prosperity, in every form of enjoyment, and in those divine acts such as fire sacrifice, worship and charity, I promise you that I shall participate and I will always be with you.”

Feras in Hindu Weddings

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Fifth Step- Progeny

Groom, Step 5:

In the fifth step the groom says, “O’ my beloved, now you have walked five steps with me. May the Creator make us prosperous. May the Creator bless us.”

Bride, Step 5:

The bride politely replies, “O my husband, I will share both in your joys and sorrows. Your love will make me very happy.”

Sixth Step- Health

Groom, Step 6:

The sixth step is taken by the groom and he says, “O’ my beloved, by walking six steps with me, you have filled my heart with happiness. May I fill your heart with great joy and peace, time and time again. May the Creator bless you.”

Bride, Step 6:

The bride then responds to his vow by saying, “My husband, the Creator blesses you. May I fill your heart with great joy and peace. I promise that I will always be with you.”

Seventh Step- Love and Friendship

Groom, Step 7:

While taking the seventh and the last step the groom tells his wife, “O’ my beloved goddess, as you have walked the seven steps with me, our love and friendship have become inseparable and firm. We have experienced spiritual union in God. Now you have become completely mine. I offer my total self to you. May our marriage last forever.”

Bride, Step 7:

The bride makes the last and the most important vow and says, “My husband, by the law of the Creator, and the spirits of our honourable ancestors, I have become your wife. Whatever promises I gave you I have spoken them with a pure heart. All the spirits are witnesses to this fact. I shall never deceive you, nor will I let you down. I shall love you forever.”

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