Unique and Exotic Indian Wedding Favors for the Guests

Indian weddings are incomplete without handing over the wedding favors to the guests which is our way of thanking them for being a part of our Big Day. While some people hand over the sweet boxes that are just old school, the others opt for gifting dry fruits that are none the less. So let’s discover new items that can be given as wedding favours to our lovely guests so they can actually use them and not pass it on to others.

Non-Edible Favors

1. Gulab Jal (Rosewater)

If packed in the right manner, rosewater can actually be a nice gift for the guests. You just need to wrap it nicely in a box along with some sweets and give it away as a wedding favor. Wouldn’t that make a perfect pocket-friendly gift?

2. Scented candles

If you are on a tight budget and you still want to gift something elegant and refreshing at the same time, then you must go for scented candles as they make a great gifting option and will surely be liked by your guests.

3. Essential Oil and  Organic Lip Salves

Everybody loves to be pampered so gifting a box of essential oils, organic lip, balms and body butter will make your relatives enjoy a good spa session at home.

4. Itra

A bottle of natural perfume oil can delight many. All you need to do is wrap it nicely with a lace and gift it to your guests.

Edible Favors

5. “Muh mitha kijiye” with a Chocolate box or Cookies

Who don’t love chocolates? I guess no one so just go for it. Buy a box full of chocolates or cookies and gift it to your loved ones as good things happen when you gift something sweet.

6. Cake in a jar

This unique combo is nothing big but a glass jar having layered cake baked on the inside. It looks pretty from the outside as you can see vibrant concentric circles of yummilicious flavours. Cake in a jar is easily available at many wedding gift sites. If you can’t find it then ask your baker to do it for you.

7. Jar of Honey

It might remind you of the favourite kids show Winnie-the-Pooh but honey actually has several good qualities that can be used for consuming as well as for polishing the natural beauty. Buy a honey jar and decorate it few embellishments remember to write an appreciation note for your loved ones before gifting it. Quote, “May our relationship sweetens like honey and thanks for being a part of our happiness.”

8. New Age Mithai – Custard apple mithai and Motichoor Donuts

Don’t go for the age-old boondi ka ladoo when you can actually choose between an array of flavourful Indo-western sweets to spruce up the jaded palates of your guests. Mithai is no just laddoos and barfis it’s more than that. Buy exotic sweets from the renowned stores like Bikarnervala and Evergreen that has custard-apple mithai, rose-petal barfis, sandesh rose, cinnamon barfis and much more.

9. Meetha Pan/Sweet Betel Leaves, flavoured sauf and more

Meetha Pan (sweet betel leaves) can be a nice gifting option as it is liked by old as well as the younger generations. Meetha Pan is easily available in dried form at the supermarkets. All you need to do is gift it in a little glass jar, sprinkle some dry chocolate and that will be a yummy gift.

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