How to Dance like a Pro on Your Wedding Recepetion

The bride and groom are the centre of attraction of the wedding ceremony as they are to be tied in the knot forever. But if you want to spell bound the honourable guests with your moves then you must check out the following points.

1. Make a list of the peppy songs in which you can groove on

Just make a list of the dance songs on which you can shake a leg with your partner. Take a pen & paper and just note them down. Select two or three best dance numbers which you like among them and start rehearsing on them.

2. Start rehearsing the steps on your favourite dance number

If you want to dazzle like the King and the Queen then pull up your socks up, wear those dancing shoes and start tip tapping on your favourite dance number.

3. Make some space in the room and rehearse in front of the mirror

You can either make a video call to your bride or simply choose few catchy moves and start practicing on it.

4. Work on facial expressions

Your expressions can add five stars on your performance so don’t forget to work on it. You can practice different kind of facial expressions in front of the mirror.

5. Help each other whenever you stumble

A good couple helps each other whenever they fall so you must support each while rehearsing. If one stumbles in between and loses the step, the other must cover it up with a beautiful smile so people may glue their eyes on it rather than noticing the blunder that you just made.

6. You can use a prop to make it appear like a professional stage dance

Just add that X factor to your performance and make it more versatile by using props such as chair, hat and dupatta. To glorify the moment ask your parents to accompany you in the dance.

7. Use sign language to tell the DJ to play the song

Involve the DJ in your plan and tell him the sign that you’ll use for making a request for the song. When the party is in full swing, use the secret gesture to tell him to play your favourite dance number and burn the stage with your sizzling performance.

8. Kneel down and ask your beloved for a dance

Make it appear like a romantic scene of a Bollywood flick and show her that she means the world to you. Just kneel down and ask her hand for a romantic couple dance.

9. Take your sibling on the stage to help you with adjusting your bridal dress

While dancing the Indian bridal dress can be a little problematic as they are heavy and may become a pain while performing the steps. Ask your sister or bestie to help you in adjusting the outfit so you may dance freely.

10. Don’t forget to put a big smile on your face while performing

A smiling face can make you look confident and charming as well so never forget to wear a sweet smile on your beautiful face.

11. Hold each others hand and walk towards the stage after completing the dance

While ending up the performance bow down and thank the audience. After that, hold each others hand and walk towards the stage.

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