Fusion of Scrumptious Indo-Western appetizers and drinks for your Cocktail

Admit it that we all have committed the sin of going on a cocktail for having the topsy-turvy drinks and then making an excuse of being bed ridden on the day of the wedding. Yes, we all have done it at some point in time. The flavourful chaats, golgappas, biryani, butter chicken and loads of other scrumptious Indian delicacies has been delighting us for years. But don’t you think that we have repeated the menu for so long and now it’s time to reinvent these dishes? If you want to add some fun and excitement in your cocktail then try these Indo-western appetizers and drinks to make your party rocking.

Indian Tapas

Having Indian tapas at your cocktail can add five stars to your cocktail as nobody can resist the flavours of the mouth watering chaat papdis, bhelpuri and dahi bhallas. To make it even more delicious you can add papdi chat, masala peanuts, dry poha, diced chicken and much more in it.

Papri Chaat in Martini Glasses

Hands down that Papri Chaat is yummilicious but what if you serve it in a martini glass? It will surely make the eyes turn with its sophisticated and luxe look. Serving Papri Chaat in a martini glass will also be handy dandy as it will not spill into others clothes.

Papri Chaat in Martini Glasses

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Alcoholic Chuski or Popsicle

It’s a new innovation in the desserts and we are already liking it. Popsicle that has the essence of your favourite drink will surely make your body groove on its own. So you don’t have to hide from the guests to enjoy a sip of your favourite drink, just grab an alcoholic chuski from the counter and there you go! Shout out to all the Psychedelics that alcoholic chuski is waiting for you.

Alcoholic Chuski or Popsicle

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Parantha Tacos

Most of us have never tried tacos which are a popular street food in the western countries but you can make your desi friends go crazy for the parantha tacos. All you need to do is put a little filling and pack them up like tacos.

Indian wedding food

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It’s a very simple appetizer which can be made with a tiny poppadum or papad. You can garnish the poppadum with a finger licking topping made out of potatoes, tomatoes, onions and coriander. Just spread it on the poppadums and relish this crispy dish with your favourite drink.


Many of us have had golgappas with sweet or spicy water but since its your cocktail you don’t want to settle for something mediocre. To add the extra fun to the night pair the golgappas with vodka and gulp it down.

Indian wedding food

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Tandoori Chicken Crisps

Chicken is probably the must have in the cocktail menu and you can never go wrong with that. However, you can reinvent this dish by serving marinated tandoori chicken with mango chutney.

Indian wedding food

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Sharabi Nariyal

This drink is as hilarious as its name. It is a coconut and vodka drink in which the sweet malai is scraped from inside and is sipped with the vodka. You can also garnish the drink with mint to make it refreshing.

Indian wedding food

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