10 Easy Ways to Bond with In-laws who Only Speak Pahadi dialect

We just admire our Pahari dialects and when our mothers speaks it with pride, we get allured by it and out of love we kiss her head for how politely she speaks the native language. While those who have been raised in the cities cannot understand this and it becomes a tough task to bond with your in-laws if they only speak in their native language. To break this semantic language barrier between you and your in-laws, just follow these easy steps and build a beautiful relationship with them.

1. Greet them with a smile- Always greet your in-laws with a big smile on your face and show respect to them.

2. Learn about your traditions: You should know the traditions and the religious values in order to impress your culturally appropriate in-laws.

3. Cook delicious Pahadi cuisines for them- Learn how to cook mouth-watering traditional cuisines so that you can impress them by serving an array of authentic Pahari food cooked by your hands.

4. Show respect to their relatives and bond with them: Respect all the near and dear ones of in-laws and treat them nicely to make a room in their heart.

5. Talk slowly with them while conversing in other language: If your speak Hindi or any other language then talk slowly and speak every word clearly so your in-laws can understand it well.

6. Celebrate all the traditional Pahadi festivals with them: You should circle all the important regional festivals that are around the corner and celebrate them with your in-laws. Offer prayers to the deity and prepare scrumptious local delicacies for your in-laws to make them happy.

7. Listen and learn the Pahadi dialects from them: Listen carefully to when your in-laws converse with you in Pahari dialect because just by listening you can actually learn the language.

8. Try to mix Pahadi words and phrases in your conversation: Pick up regional words from their dialect and use them while speaking to impress your respected in-laws. They will surely feel connected.

9. Watch Pahadi movies and songs with them: Watch regional movies and songs with your in-laws which is the best way to entertain and bond with your in-laws.

10. Visit the regional temples with them: The best way to make room in the heart of your Pahadi in-laws is to take them on a spiritual journey to all the Char Dham temples of Uttarakhand or you can also visit the temples of their family deity.

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