Best Nathuli Designs for Uttarakhandi Brides

Nathuli or Nath is referred to a mammoth size nose ring crafted in pure gold. It is designed in gold and the beautiful stones and kundan are on it. In Uttarakhand, Nath is also known as “Nathuli”. It is mainly adorned by the Pahari women of Uttarakhand hailing from different regions such as Garhwal, Kumaon, and Jaunsar.

It is a symbol of being married, Nathuli is one such ornament which gives a different identity to the women of Uttarakhand and enhances their appearance.

In earlier times the women of Uttarakhand wears Nath everyday in the morning and take it off in the night, It was difficult them to work wearing such a heavy Nath daily, that’s why the weight and size of the Nath kept getting smaller. Now in today’s time the women of Uttarakhand wear Nath only on special occasions, like in weddings especially in haldi rituals, pooja, and many more important events.

History of Uttarakhandi Nath

The history of Nath dates back to the time when Tehri was the kingdom of the kingly states and the queens of the kings used to wear big gold naths. The bigger and heavier Nath shows the wealth of the family. As wealth increased in the family, the weight of the Nath also increased. At that time the weight of Nath used to start from three tolas to five tolas and sometimes up to 6 tolas. . The roundness of the nose ring also used to be 35 to 40 cm.

Who Gifts the Nath and When

On the wedding day of a girl the maternal uncle of the bride gifts the Nath at the time of Ganesh pooja, when the bride is dressed up with all the wedding jewellery. It is believed that the size and amount of gold with premium stones show the status of the family. The wealthier the family, the more gold and stones Nath will have.

Uttarakhand state is divided into two parts, Garhwal and Kumaon, in the same way Uttarakhandi Nath is also mainly of two types. Although Nath is famous in hilly region, but Tehri’s Nath is most famous in Uttarakhand.

Tehri Nath – Tehri Nath is a big nose ring which is designed with gold in which white and red pearl beads crafted very beautifully. Tehri Nath is most famous in Uttarakhand. Time to time many new designs comes in the market the mixed designs moulded on the Nath included peacock design, flower design and many more. The peacock design is like a ring in which peacock is crafted very beautifully with tiny floral design. The Tehri Nath is famous for its graceful look and it shows the richness of Garhwali culture.

Kumaoni Nath – In Kumaoni culture, Nath may look similar to Garhwali Nath, but Kumaoni’s Nath design, style or size are a bit different. The size of Nath in the kumaun region is very big but the pearl beads and crafted work is minimum. They wore it from the nostril to under the chin but it is simple yet elegant and attractive. The Nath is available in various patterns with beautiful designs. In the kumaun region women wear Nath on every special occasion especially from marriage to the baby’s mundane.

Some Top Designs of Uttarakhand Nath Are …

  • The Nath is designed with a beautiful big ring with white and red pearl beads. Also there are some golden tiny flowers on it with red and white pearls. The bride dressed up on her wedding day with “Red Lehanga” and this Nath will look completely graceful with that. On the lower side of the Nath, some beautiful little pendants are hanging, which are looking more attractive.
  • The Nath is crafted very beautifully with an elegant look; in this Nath a little flower is designed with pink stones with one white stones in the middle. According to the colour choices, one can choose the colour instead of pink. This Nath is not much bigger in size, and a pendant is also hanging in the circle of the Nath, which is looking more graceful.
  • This Pahadi bride wore a heavy Nath in which the peacock design is crafted very beautifully in the lower middle side of the ring; some pendants are also on the lower side. On the upper side of the Nath the five pleasant circle designs are created with one pendant that is attached to the circle. The peacock crafted Nath will never go out of style.
  • This Nath is simple with elegant style and with light weight the simplicity of this Nath is attracting towards its. In this Nath a beautiful small pendant is hanging in the middle. And some tiny pendants are also on the lower side of the Nath.
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