9 Crazy Things Only Pahadis Do in a Wedding

Uttarakhandi weddings are awesome and we all know that but keeping this thing aside, let’s talk about the awesomeness of the Pahadi guests that put five stars in a wedding by their jolly behaviour. So pull down a chair to sit and check out the 9 crazy things only we Pahadis do in a wedding.

1. They try to find a connection with every other Pahadi they meet

Paharis are very affectionate and friendly by nature and if you ever come across them, they will have a quick chatter with you. To make things interesting if you have the legendary surnames such as Negi, Rawat etc. added to your surname they will quickly ask, “Tumhara gaon kaunsa hai?” which will be followed by few other quick questions about your block, tehsil, and then they’ll find a connection with you.


2. If you are a Garhwali they will only ask whether you belong to Tehri or Pauri?

Uttarakhand has 13 districts out of which 7 belong to Garhwal division and 6 are in Kumaon division. Still, every other Pahadi you’ll meet will only ask whether you belong to Pauri or Tehri. Dude, there are other districts as well such as Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Dehradun etc. And for god sake, if you belong to any of these they will ask, “Tum proper Tehri k ho ya…?” Now, what’s that?


3. Only Pahadi uncles will show their real swag in the wedding

Be it a wedding or any other important function, Pahari uncles don’t do fashion, they are fashion. They can team anything like a simple Polo t-shirt with a blazer, or a knitted sweater with pristine white sports shoes. But their style game is always on point as they know how to kill it with their vibe.


4. Forget about the bride, for Pahari ladies, the hot topic of discussion will be the sweater they recently knitted

Pahadi ladies are simple and sweet, they won’t be interested in talking about the zari work done on the saree or the new diamond jewellery instead, they will go on and on, about the sweater they recently knitted and will admire the honeycomb design on each others cardigan. Even the kids are sometimes stopped at the ice-cream stall just to have a close look at the marvellous knitted piece of art on their sweater. Their love for knitting is such that just by having a look at the sweater they will scan the design in their eyes and will try their hand at it, as soon as possible.


5. Whether there’s Gajar ka halwa, Matar-paneer or Kadhai chicken nothing but the Chow mein stall can tempt the Pahadi guests

Yes, there some gravitation pull in that chow mein stall that it attracts all the Paharis to it. Even kids take a handful amount of it so their moms can slurp it, cute isn’t it?


6. Pahadi men won’t be interested in the wedding but for that secret party that’s taking place behind the tent

Be honest and raise your hands if you have ever witnessed your dad missing from the party and later returning with a smile on his face from the parking lot. Hmm, now you understood it that he’s escaping you for having some tonic with his old mates.


7. And our moms will try hard to converse in Pahadi with the elderly ladies

Whether they know it or not, still our mothers will try their level best to speak in Pahadi with the elderly ladies in order to show respect and sometimes just to impress. Whatever the reason might be, but they look cute when they try it.


8. Also don’t be surprised to see that old grandpa who can barely walk dance like crazy on ‘Bedu Pako Bar Masa’ song

Pahadi songs are like a lethal drug for us, if a D.J doesn’t play them then god save his soul. Even the respected elders who can barely walk, shake a leg on the Pahari music once you play it. Now you understood its importance? Yeah, that’s the essence of Pahadi music.


9. Pahadi guests don’t take much time to leave

Ever heard of this? Pahadi bhai kiske, khae piye aur khiske? Dude just calm down as there’s nothing to feel offended about. Yes we dine, give blessings, and leave early because we don’t like to become a part of a crowd for long. Plus the host themselves want you to leave early so they can  wrap up the function nicely. Hence proved that leaving early is actually better than leaving late.



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