24 Funny Things that only Happens in Indian Weddings

India is famous for a lot of things to name a few we have our colourful culture, tradition, heritage, spices, yoga, Ayurveda and a lot of things. But amidst all this glory, nobody can take away the thunder of Indian weddings that are a great gusto in itself. With music, dance, masti you’ll get madness as complimentary. So let’s check out some of the funniest and the most iconic things that only happens in Indian weddings.

1. Three generations of a family get together in full celebration mode.


2. For kids, it’s the happiest moment of their life as their parents let them loose and aren’t that strict.


3. You get to eat an array of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines that too without paying a price.


4. Photo shoots are taking place at every corner and alll you get to hear is click, click, click!


5. It’s the rare occasion when Indian aunties forget their tehzeeb and dance like nobody is watching.


22 Funny Things that Happens in Indian Weddings


6. And guys get an opportunity to check out the gorgeous Indian women at one place.


7.  And we also have a ribbon cutting ceremony. Yeah, we do!


8. Of course, there’s a lot of money revolving around. Shaguns and more shanguns!


9. “The Baraati Dance” is the real show stealer, so don’t miss it.


10. Sister-in-laws hide the groom’s shoes and get money in return. Isn’t that a great steal deal?


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