12 Ways to Look Great in Your Wedding Photographs

Not everybody has a photogenic face and even if you are charming you will still feel that one of the features of your face either becomes bloated or you appear to look pale and lifeless in your photographs. However with a few tips, you can resolve this problem and look as fresh as a rose in all your wedding pictures so stay tuned to know those secrets.

Keep calm and get good photographs clicked

Good photographs will only come when you will not stress to strike that perfect pose. If you will relax you are not only going to adjust well to your surroundings but will also enjoy being clicked. Don’t stress, chat with your relatives, have fun and enjoy each and every moment.

Smile with your eyes

Amidst this outburst of emotions just remember that it’s your Big Day and you have to enjoy it as much as possible so don’t drool in thoughts and wear a beautiful smile. But don’t smile too often as it will look a bit made-up just smile with your eyes and you’ll look gorgeous.

Connect and engage with the camera

It’s very important for the couple to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Just play with the camera and engage with it. Remember your first meeting, the talks that you shared and all the good stuff so it may bring that natural glow on your face and make you appear charming and full of life.

Highlight your eyes with the right pose

Eyes are the windows to the soul so draw everybody’s attention towards your eyes. Highlight them with the perfect make-up and posture. Lean your chin or neck slightly towards the camera, raise your eyebrows and look up to make your eyes appear large and comely.

Elongate your neck

A right posture can not only enhance your personality but it can also make you appear confident and beautiful. When you are being photographed, elongate your neck by lowering your shoulder towards the camera and lift your chin up to strike that perfect pose.

Adjust your lehanga when you sit

No matter how perfectly shaped our body is but while sitting the tummy tends to pop out especially while wearing a small blouse. To avoid the bulge all you need to do is adjust your dupatta cleverly to hide the stomach area or slightly pull up the lehenga to create the illusion of a flat stomach.

Practice the poses that you want in front of the mirror

Study your face and understand your best angle. You can also practice the poses that you want in your wedding photographs in front of the mirror. Some iconic bridal poses can never go wrong such as adjusting the nose ring, slightly lifting the lehenga, giving side pose and several others. You can also study your face and figure out the best smile to strike in front of the camera.

Sitting in Sherwanis can be a pain for the groom

Women know how to sit properly in a dress but most men don’t which often lands them in trouble as stretching legs while being clicked will only produce horrendous photographs. If you want to avoid this then don’t stretch your legs while wearing a pyjami and drape your stole cleverly.

Keep your arms away from the body if possible

This valuable piece of information will help you to appear slim in your photographs. Keep your arms away from your body as it will give you a slender figure. On the other hand sticking your arms to your body will make you appear large and will also hide your waist.

Keep your shoulders straight

Keeping your shoulders straight can accentuate your personality so keep them straight. Most Indian bridal outfits are heavy that make the shoulders droop if you encounter such problems then loosen up a few heavy jewellery pieces and adorn the light ones instead.

Choose your make-up artist carefully

Look for an expert make-up artist that can bring out the best features of your face and make you appear as fresh as a rose. Don’t go overboard especially when it comes to make-up as your face will appear cakey. Remember good pictures will only come if you are going to show your natural beauty and not the layers of make-up.

Most importantly enjoy each moment and your photographs will be on point

Don’t ponder much, enjoy with your loved ones, live every moment to the fullest and your wedding pictures will be on point.

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