11 Reasons why Pahari Mother-in-laws Rule our Hearts

Pahadi mother in laws are hardworking, they are witty and they are opinionated. But the best thing is that they have a personality that one can never forget. If you have a Pahadi mother-in-law then you should read it and share it with her to bring a smile on her face.

1. She has the best jewellery collection ever

Pahari mother-in-laws are very particular about their jewellery and their taste is quite refined. They have a great collection of jewellery ranging from traditional Pahari jewellery to modern contemporary designs. So be nice to her as she might lend you her jewels to adorn at a wedding.


2. She is more efficient than a robot and more dexterous than Narendra Modi

Pahari ladies are quite dexterous and they don’t like to rely on others for work. Even a robot doesn’t stand close to her in competition when it comes to getting word done.


3. She is gorgeous no matter what her age

Whatever her age might be, but you can still see the stars beaming from her face. Her gorgeous looks are accentuated by the hard work she had done in the hills and the freckles on her face caused by sun.


4. She can trek on arduous terrains even in old age

It might come as a surprise to a few, but those who have typical Pahari sasu ma’s can understand it a lot better. While some of the mother-in-laws of her age can barely walk, she is busy conquering arduous terrains every now and then especially when there’s a wedding of a close relative or while visiting the hill temples.


5. She serves our jaded palates with the best Pahadi cuisines of all time

Who doesn’t like the aroma and taste of the scrumptious Pahari cuisines? and she serves you with it on some of the festive occassions. So you can taste and learn to cook an array of tasteful dishes from her.


6. She knits sweaters for every baby born in the neighbourhood

Our Pahari mother-in-laws are quite loving and caring by nature. She will not only take care of her family but also about her near and dear ones. Each time a newborn baby arrives in the neighbourhood, she will give them her blessings along with a tiny sweater knitted by her with love.


7. She can light up the party with her graceful Pahadi dance

She is quite talented and has a radiant personality. Not only she can sing many great folklores, folk songs, wedding songs but can dance equally well. Her tip tapping traditional Pahadi dance can even make the slouchy individuals to come on the stage and dance.


8. She likes to chatter in Pahari to avoid conversing with people she doesn’t like

She knows when and where to use the power of Pahari dialect. If she wants to avoid talking to somebody, she will start conversing in Pahari even if she might be a fluent speaker of Hindi or English.


9. In her presence your kids can never get spoiled

She is caring but doesn’t believe in spoiling. If the kids are getting out of control then she will take the matter in her hands and will punish them in a unique way. Kandali is one of her lethal weapons so beware, kids, be very much aware while misbehaving with her.


10. Nobody can mess with her as she is the ‘Man of the House’

She is worldly wise and opinionated. She will always speak her heart out no matter what. Whether you like it or don’t but she has an opinion about everything that she speaks out clearly.


11. And last, she ain’t a shopaholic but a teaholic which means it’s easy to impress her

She can skip a meal but not her one cuppa chaa. The perk of which is that you can impress her easily by making a nice cup of tea. Yes, she finds happiness in small things isn’t that adorable?


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