11 great Childhood Moments that will make every Pahadi Nostalgic

Growing up in the hills is a blessing, you can live like a free spirit and enjoy the gifts of nature. Dance under the shade of the imperial Himalayas and live a life which is devoid of unnecessary human interference. Those who have been cradled by the mighty Himalayas might be feeling nostalgic on recalling the time they spent in the hills. So let’s commemorate those days by having a look at the 11 great childhood moments spent in the Uttarakhand hills.

1. Visiting our grandparent’s village and trekking on the terrains

We all have had the opportunity of visiting the rustic village house of our grandparents and trekking on the hills. It’s one of the best childhood moments to recall as it felt as if the worries are just blowing away with the wind.


2. Fishing in the nearby river

Going for fishing with our Pahadi homies was a fun filled task. Even if all the tips and tricks to catch the fish would fail still it was a time worth spending and none of it got wasted as it was memories that were collecting. And now when you look back to that time, it feels that those were the days.


10 great childhood moments that every Pahadi must have had

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3. Plucking ripe berries from the trees

Summer was indeed a happy season for all the Pahadi kids as we would get an opportunity to sneak to the jungles for plucking fresh Himalayan berries like kafals, hisalu, kirmoli and ghigharu that were relished by the entire family.


4. Collecting the pine cones and decorating our house with it

While the city kids pass their time by watching television and playing video games, Pahadi kids like to invest their time in doing something creative. Collecting pine cones, painting them and decorating our homes with it was a great activity indeed, as it actually made use of the pine cones that were scattered all around our houses in abundance.


5. Playing cricket in the hills with a quick DIY sock ball

Playing cricket on the rigid terrains with a homemade sock ball was just awesome! and even the best cricket stadium would fail in front of it as it is a wild feeling that only a few people have had.


6. Swimming in the gadhera in the scorching summers

Swimming in the gadhera with our chaddi buddies and splish-splashing the cold water on our mates was one of the best moments to recall from our childhood days. Even today when we visit our village, we still don’t forget to hit the gadhera, where all the madness happens.


11 great childhood moments that every Pahadi must have had

Originally created by eUttaranchal.com

7. Eating chainsoo-bhaat in kadhai or iron pot

As a child, we all have heard from our parents that having food in an iron pot will cause rain in your wedding, but we being notorious Pahadi kids couldn’t keep ourselves away from having freshly cooked chainsoo bhaat, that too in an iron pot.


8. Playing Ghuguti basuti with our parents

Remember those days when our loving parents used to sing a lullaby called Ghughuti basuti to make us fall asleep. Although, those words have faded from our memories and it’s hard to recall them, but the nostalgic memory of it is still engraved in our hearts.


10 great childhood moments that every Pahadi must have had

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9. Wearing mother’s Pichhora and dancing to the tune of our favourite Pahadi song

Mother’s jewellery and her clothes that showcased the Pahadi culture was something that tempted us, each time she got it out for cleaning. I bet that all Pahadi girls must have had the opportunity of getting it draped by our lovely mothers and seeing how lovely it looked on us. And whenever we adorned it, it was necessary to dance on a Pahadi song and put up a little jig.


10. Skipping the school when it snowed heavily in winters

Whenever it snowed in the hills, we used to feel a little blessed as we got an opportunity to skip the school and have a little fun, while playing outside in the snow.


11. Making a wooden wagon and riding it

Pahadi kids are creative and artistic by nature and they know how to build things out of scratch. Remember the time when your parents couldn’t buy a bicycle for you and you decided to make your very own manual powered, wooden wagon that works fine without petrol or diesel.


10 great childhood moments that every Pahadi must have had

Originally created by eUttaranchal.com

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