10 Things only Pahari Guys can Understand

Sometimes cute, the other times sassy Pahadi boys are crazy. They can take over the world with their distinctive personality, their humour, and their suave looks. If you are a Pahadi guy or you know one, then check out the following points and pick out the one that suits them well.

1. If you can grow beard then you are the most popular guy among your group

There is a common belief that Pahari guys can’t grow beard but some of them can and if you are the lucky one, then you must have heard this many times by your Pahari friends, “Bhai hume bhi raz bata de dadi ugane ka?”


2. You have radiant skin than most of the girls

This breaks the heart of many girls who pay lots of bucks to get that perfect glow and you my friend are blessed with it. Say thanks to the Pahari genes as you are blessed with the thing that most people can only desire.


3. After 12th your most preferred carrier choice is to join the Army

Every Pahari family has one or more relatives that are serving in the Army and they look up to them with great respect. If you inquire the young Pahari guys about what will be their career choice after passing out most of them will instantly say, “Joining the Army!” High regards for the brave hearts.


4. You can fix almost everything from broken hearts to broken machines

Pahari guys are born technicians, engineers, and plumbers. If there’s anything wrong with the TV, washing machine or PC, they can  fix it in no time.


5. You are the most wanted sports person of your college

Pahari boys have sportsman spirit ingrained in them. They are born trekkers, hikers, swimmers and tree climbers. Put them in any game and they will play it like a pro. So if you are the most wanted sports person in your school or college then that’s because of the Pahari blood that runs in your family.


6. You can stand straight even after having hell lot of cocktails

Only Pahari guys possess the power of standing straight like an Eiffel Tower after having numerous drinks.


7. You have the plus point of impressing girls with your icky-breaky Pahari dialect

Even if you aren’t fluent in speaking in Pahari dialect, you surely know how to impress girls with a quick folk song and if you know how to strum a guitar then you can take over the world.


8.  Once in lifetime you must have narrated a story about ghosts, Jagar and your encounter with the tiger in village

Pahari guys are fun loving and great orators as well. If you are that Pahari boy who used to visit his village often, then you must have mugged up stories to your friends about Jagars, paranormal activity felt in the hills and your encounter with the tiger.


9. Even if you aren’t perfect in cooking, you know how to prepare mouth-watering mutton and chicken

Pahari boys are super talented and everybody knows it well but what’s surprising is that even if they suck at cooking, they know how to prepare tender mutton and chicken that can make the top chefs go crazy.


10. Your curse words are not just limited to Hindi and English, you can swear in Garhwali, Kumaoni and what not!

Although Pahari boys are calm and composed by nature but when somebody gets on their nerves they are hurled with some of the vivid curse words in several languages, that they might have never heard of. So next time think twice before engaging in a verbal fight.



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