10 Things only Pahadis can Understand

If you are that city dweller who when referred to as ‘Pahadi’ cheekily says, “Mere ko Pahadi mat bolo main Dehradun wala hun” then you must check this out to know whether you are a Pahadi at heart or not. And for those who are ‘True Pahadis’ will surely smile after reading this.

1. Without ‘Bal’ our every sentence is incomplete

Whether you are a Garhwali or Kumaoni you can surely relate to this as we use the strength of ‘bal’ in every single sentence to make it more precise and clear.


2. Oija is our version of Oh my God!

People say OMG! we say Oija and that sounds way cooler than ‘Oh my God!’. So be proud to be a Pahadi and keep on spreading good words.


3. We share a close-knit with ‘Bhaat’

Uttarakhand is a proud producer of the finest Basmati in the entire region and we are proud consumers of it. Our close knit with rice is such that we can consume it at three times a day and still be fit and fine like an old wine.


4. It doesn’t matter how genius you are! You’ll still be a Lata/Lati for your grandparents

Even if you are straight ‘A’ student or the president of India, but you cannot stop your grandparents from calling you a ‘laata or laati’ which means ‘idiot’ in Pahadi.


5. We prefer chai at any time

Chai is like a drug to us, whatever the time may be we are always ready for having a good cup of tea because ‘One cuppa chai is all we need’.


6. Bal Mithai is our version of Dark Chocolate

Even the famous Swiss chocolate can’t beat the taste of this Pahadi sweet. It is delicious, healthy and is made out of desi ghee. So next time you invite a Pahadi guest at home do ask, “Bal kuch meetha ho jae?”


7. We know how to curse in Garhwali, Kumaoni even if we haven’t mastered the dialect

Don’t underestimate the power of a regional language. This is hundred percent true in the case of Pahadis who might be or may not be fluent speakers of Garhwali, Kumaoni but they know how to curse in it.


8. We prefer Arsa and Singori more than other exotic delicacies

Singori twists and Arsa are hands down the best! These mouth watering Pahadi delicacies are cooked out of love so don’t forget to taste it or you’ll miss the best part of your Uttarakhand journey.


9. People go to amusement parks we go to Kauthigs

Pahadis are happy-go-lucky kind of people and we love having fun and frolic, especially in fairs. Other people might go to the amusement parks for having a good time but we go to Kauthigs. Yeah, we are kind of unique and we love it.


10. Our dogs don’t have fancy names like Bosco, Roger rather we go for old school names like Bhotu, Bhura, Shera etc

Other people might have fancy names for their dogs like Roger, Brownie, Duke but we have the cute traditional names so that even the elderly member of the family can pour their love on them and call them by their name. So for us Bhotu, Bhura, Shera are the best names for the dogs.




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