10 Things only Pahadi Girls can Understand

Pahadi girls are hailed for their beauty and their soft features that outshines from the lot. If you are a Pahadi girl then you know what it is to bloom into a young lady, so just check this out and count how many of these things you can actually relate to.

1. You know the importance of nose-piercing

If you are a young lady without a nose-piercing then you will understand it a lot better, as you must have come across several remarks like, “How will you get married if your nose isn’t pierced?”. I feel your pain girl.


2. You are the odd one out if you don’t have clear skin

Not everybody is blessed with good skin but yes most of the Pahadis do, but if you are someone who deals with acne problems then you must have heard people taunting, “All Pahadis have great skin except you”. Next time give them a witty reply, “Mmm, I think I am adopted”.


3. Are you that lazy girl?

If you aren’t as dexterous as your mum, then she must have narrated several stories about how girls work hard to survive in the hills. You may get annoyed sometimes, but that’s the fact so deal with it.


4. At 23, you are a Granny

Everybody will agree on this one, hands up if you have ever come across somebody telling you that you should get married by this age as other Pahadi girls of your age have grown up kids in the hills.


5. You can never be a good cook if you don’t know how to prepare Pahari cuisines

If you are an ace chef and you don’t know how to prepare Pahari Cuisines then, it means you have zero knowledge in cooking. Yeah! food is always the stress.


6. You’ll be shown the door if you don’t converse in Pahadi with your mother-in-law

If you are getting married to someone whose parents only speak in Pahadi, then people will scare you by saying,” You can never make a room in their heart if you don’t converse in Pahadi”. Stay calm, this moment will soon pass.


7. If you have a bad temper then you are a witch with a broom

Pahadi girls are known for their cool temper and for being poised. But if you are someone who doesn’t care what everybody thinks and speaks her heart out even if it means raising your voice sometimes, then you will be categorized as an alien because Pahadi girls don’t get angry easily.


8. If you are a tall ‘Pahadi’ girl then you are the centre of attraction

With height, there comes many questions especially if you are a Pahadi girl. Most people will come up to you and ask what did you eat to become that tall? Whatever it is but you are always the centre of attraction in a party.


9. Everybody will compliment you for the shape of your eyes

Now this is pure joy, many people actually like the almond shape eyes of Pahadi girls. And with or without make-up your loved ones will always compliment you for having such gorgeous eyes.


10. You always have a natural blush on

While others put tons of makeup to get that perfect blush, you don’t even need a dash of it, as you are born with rosy-red cheeks. Sometimes people mistake it for makeup, especially during the winter wind.



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