10 Reasons to Marry a Pahari Girl

Known for their sweet and salty behaviour, Pahadi girls are utterly beautiful from inside as well as outside. With their sweet talks and their childlike heart they can make room in anybody’s heart. So if have the slightest of confusion whether or not you should marry one, then read the following to clear your doubt.

1. Pahari girls are childish and innocent

Untouched by the harsh cruelties of the world, Pahari girls are innocent and have a childlike heart that will never age with time. They don’t want world gifts but your precious time.


2. They are beautiful with or without make-up

Praised for their flawless and radiant skin, Pahari girls are drop-dead gorgeous from inside as well as outside. So she will not waste your money for her frequent trips to the luxury parlours and salons.


3. She can literally pull of anything, be it a traditional Pahadi attire or a fancy dress

Pahari girls can pull off anything with their stunning looks. Whether she is draped in a saree, a gown or traditional Pahari attire she can make anybody swoon.


4. She can not only cook but can trek as well

She has a great bond with the mountains and it’s quite possible that she must have conquered many arduous terrains. So what’s better than getting married to an adventure loving woman as you both can go for adrenaline pumping mountain expeditions.


5. Her sweet talks of her native place and her love for the colossal hills will make you adore her

She might be shy at first but after getting comfortable, she will probably entertain you with her magical tales about the places she has been to. Also, her love for the mountains will make you love her even more.


6. Her strawberry cheeks and her cute little eyes will make your dull days bright

Blessed with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes, she can make your heart melt even on the worst days.


7. She will sing sweet melodies from the hills that will take you on a magical journey

She will be your Nightingale and will sing mellifluous Pahari tunes that you would have never heard of.


8. She is not raised as a queen but as a lady, so she has great moral as well as family values

Paharis are very down to earth people and they do not believe in spoiling their children by getting all the luxuries of life at their feet. As she is ingrained with great moral values, she will make a good wife and daughter to your mum.


9. She is a nature lover and is compassionate towards all beings whether big or small

Having a close knit with nature, she is compassionate and lovable to all beings. This being said it’s obvious that she will love you with all her heart.


10. Pahari girls are hard to pursue but their parents are humble and quite understanding

Pahari girls are not swooned easily but you can win their hearts with true love. As their parents are soft spoken and modest, they can be pleased easily.


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