10 Quirky Ideas to Entertain Your Guests in Your Mehendi Function

‘Mehendi ki Raat’ is one such function in which the bride can have a great time with her family and friends as there is dance, masti, and madness. Also, it is a great time to bond with your near and dear ones so make it special by incorporating these quirky ideas and turn your Mehendi function into a gala event.

Dance Performance

Mehendi is incomplete without the hilarious dance performances of  family and friends. You can either plan group performances of your family members and relatives for which you can hire a choreographer or one of your friend who is good at dancing. Some of your close friends can also give solo dance performances on western salsa, cha-cha, hip-hop and various other dance styles.

Skit or Play

The friends and relatives can perform a short skit of the first meeting of the bride and groom. This will be a special gift for the bride and groom which they will cherish forever.


You can have an antakshari match between the family and friends. This evergreen activity has been used in many of the Bollywood movies and has always been a hit when it comes to entertaining the Indian guests.

Spin the bottle

All you need to do is spin the bottle and the one on which the head of the bottle will point have to choose between truth and dare. If the person chooses truth then he has given an honest answer to the question asked and if he chooses dare then you can give them a dare which he has to complete.

Rapid fire

Engage all the guests belonging to different groups and have a rapid fire round. This will help you to those few good souls who are beautiful from the heart but likes to stay mum. All the relatives and friends will have the opportunity to know each other so they can bond well. Don’t forget to ask funny questions to make people laugh.

Family Awards

When you are the starlet of the evening then why can’t you hold an award ceremony for your family? You can bestow each member witty awards such as the Laziest Family Member, The Drama Queen, The Detective of the house, Mr. I Know it All and many others.

Fashion show

Organize a fashion show for your family and friends. Make them dazzle like the supermodels of Wills Lifestyle and set the ramp on fire. You can also ask the photographer to take some candid photographs of your models to make them remember your Sangeet forever.

Rewind the moments:

We always wished that if we had a time machine we could rewind back our memories the sad part is you cannot go on a time travel but you can rewind those memories. All you need to do is set up a projector and just run a slideshow of all the photographs and videos right from childhood to this special day.


Having a karaoke night will be an exciting thing as everybody can sing and dance to their hearts content and feel like a professional pop artist.

Playful Games

To make the function more lively and playful you can organize games such as ‘Pass the Pillow’ and ‘Musical Chairs’ in which children can participate and enjoy as well.

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