10 Cheesy Things that every Pahadi is Tired of Hearing

There are many stereotypes related to Pahadis some are funny but some really get on our nerves 4th, 5th and 8th are so common that every Pahadi must have heard it from someone.

1. Pahadi Dehradun train dekhne ae the

If you are a Pahadi who has born and brought up in Dehradun then I bet you must have been subjected to this ridiculously obnoxious and inappropriate cliche not once but several times. So the next time when someone tells you that then give them a counter attack by saying, “Then you should be thankful to us as we also fought for a separate state and now everybody is enjoying the perks”.


2. Garhwali and Kumaonis can never gel with each other

Why can’t they? are they India, Pakistan they can’t gel along? Nope, they are not, in fact, they are homies and are united by birth so people who say such stupid things and take jibes on FB posts by spreading hatred between Garhwali Kumaonis should be shunned or thrown out of the building.


3. Pahadi songs are funny and senseless

Ever heard of the proverb, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing?” If yes! then this is appropriate in this case. Many people who have heard only a few Pahadi songs especially those which are played in the weddings are quick to give a judgement and some even become critics by saying that Pahadi music sucks. If you ever come across such people, then tell them not to react on half-baked information as there are several mellifluous Pahadi songs that are utterly beautiful and soothing to the ears, so if you haven’t heard them then don’t make a quick opinion.


4. Surya ast Pahadi mast

This lame phrase has been overused like Surya Vansham repeatedly being telecasted on Zee Tv and now we are bored of it. It’s true that Pahadis drink but like regular people, we don’t have an unlimited supply of free beer or alcohol at our home and if did, still we won’t have the capacity to drink it every single day.


5. Pahadi bhai kiske khae piye aur khiske

This phrase is so hyped that even our friends use it to taunt us whenever we are trying to leave early from a party, regardless of knowing whatsoever the reason might be. The actual fact being that Pahadis are very particular about time. We arrive early, attend a function and leave early as we don’t like to be in crowded places for long. Also, we know that leaving early is actually a kind gesture because the host can finally wrap up the party and take some long needed rest.


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