11 Reasons to Marry a Pahadi Guy

Blessed with suave looks, Pahadi guys are not just an art to savour, but they are compatible as well which makes them fall in the ideal husband category.  So if you are all set to walk the aisle then do consider them as they possess some of the unique qualities that you won’t find anywhere else.

1. He is a perfect mixture of what cute and handsome looks like

Pahari guys are tough and sweet at the same time. They are blessed with soft and strong facial features which makes them quite charming and irresistible.


2. They are caring and they love cuddles

They are very solicitous towards their partner and no matter how many years pass by, he will always be truly, madly and deeply in love with you.


3. They are romantic by nature

Though Pahari guys might be shy at first but they are very good at expressing themselves through their eyes and their courtly behaviour. He will not only care for you but will adore you till his last breath.


4. Pahadi guys are adventurous as hell

Since they have been cradled in the arms of the benevolent peaks, they know how to soar with the surpassing wind. They are great explorers that mean you both can discover new and beautiful places together.


5. They are self-independent and high on morals

Pahari guys are self-independent and they know the value of money. If you are getting married to one then feel blessed as he will not waste his hard-owned money on himself rather he will save it for the future needs.


6. They are fit and fine, like an old wine

Pahari guys are blessed with a great physique. Not only they are fit but their personality is also amazing. The plus point is that no matter how much he eats, you won’t have to shout on the top of your voice to send him to the gym as he won’t become a Humpty-Dumpty.


7. They value relationships

Pahari guys are seeded with good family values and they know the importance of relations. He will always try to develop a good bond with the new family members and will be equally caring, respectful and supportive to your parents like they are his.


8. They have a good sense of humour and style of talking

His funny talks will make you roll over sofa and laugh especially when he will use the funny Pahari phrases that will make him all the more sweet and cute.


9. They are humble and attached to their roots

Pahari guys are modest, have immense love for the hills and are attached to their roots. With him, you can explore the diverse culture and just be yourself, without portraying an image of being someone else under your skin.


10. They do not shy away from work and will help you in daily chores

As they are raised with good moral and family values, Pahari guys do not shy away from lending a helping hand in work to their mothers and sisters. The perk of which is that he’ll be at your service whenever you’ll need him.


11. Pahadi guys aren’t born with a silver spoon but they strive hard to own several of these

Pahari guys are hardworking and they might not be born in wealthy and elite families but they know how to strive for becoming one. So raise a toast if you are marrying one.


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