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11 Reasons why Pahari Mother-in-laws Rule our Hearts

Pahadi mother in laws are hardworking, they are witty and they are opinionated. But the best thing is that they have a personality that one can never forget. If you have a Pahadi mother-in-law then you should read it and share it with her to bring a smile on her face. 1….

9 Crazy Things Only Pahadis Do in a Wedding

Uttarakhandi weddings are awesome and we all know that but keeping this thing aside, let’s talk about the awesomeness of the Pahadi guests that put five stars in a wedding by their jolly behaviour. So pull down a chair to sit and check out the 9 crazy things only we Pahadis do…

Best Nathuli Designs for Uttarakhandi Brides

Nathuli or Nath is referred to a mammoth size nose ring crafted in pure gold. It is mainly adorned by the Pahari women of Uttarakhand hailing from different regions such as Garhwal, Kumaon, and Jaunsar. Though naths worn in Garhwal and Kumaon are different but they look equally charming on the bride….

11 Reasons to Marry a Pahadi Guy

Blessed with suave looks, Pahadi guys are not just an art to savour, but they are compatible as well which makes them fall in the ideal husband category.  So if you are all set to walk the aisle then do consider them as they possess some of the unique qualities that you…

10 Reasons to Marry a Pahari Girl

Known for their sweet and salty behaviour, Pahadi girls are utterly beautiful from inside as well as outside. With their sweet talks and their childlike heart they can make room in anybody’s heart. So if have the slightest of confusion whether or not you should marry one, then read the following to clear…

10 Things only Pahari Guys can Understand

Sometimes cute, the other times sassy Pahadi boys are crazy. They can take over the world with their distinctive personality, their humour, and their suave looks. If you are a Pahadi guy or you know one, then check out the following points and pick out the one that suits them well. 1….

10 Things only Pahadi Girls can Understand

Pahadi girls are hailed for their beauty and their soft features that outshines from the lot. If you are a Pahadi girl then you know what it is to bloom into a young lady, so just check this out and count how many of these things you can actually relate to. 1….

Garhwali Music Playlist to Set the Dance Floor on Fire

Uttarakhand being a hill state has embraced the Pahari songs and has made them a part of their culture. There are many Garhwali songs which steal our heart with their mellifluous rhythm that take us on a musical journey. If you want to add some fun and drama to your “Big Fat…

Exclusive Kumaoni Wedding Song List for Your Big Day

When it comes to entertaining our guests, we tend to play the same old tracks that we’ve been listening to for ages. Although they strike the cord of our heart and we love to dance on them, but don’t you think it’s too mundane? How about adding some peppy Kumaoni wedding songs…

Popular Mangal Geets Sung in Lively Uttarakhand Weddings

Mangal Geets are traditional offerings/songs that are sung in the Garhwali and Kumaoni wedding ceremonies. They are sung by the women of both sides i.e. the bride and the groom’s family. These songs are based on the auspicious wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati, where the groom is considered as Lord Shiva…

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